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Hi, I'm Dubbs

I'm a genderqueer, trans, sober, educator, facilitator, speaker, storyteller, podcaster, producer, consultant, and Founder/CEO of Thank You For Coming OutI travel the country (in-person and on Zoom) teaching workshops on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and belonging, speaking on panels and at events, and consulting with organizations. Through the power of storytelling, humor, and both my expertise and lived experience, I connect with and educate audiences in hopes I can inspire change for a more equitable world.

Why Should You Work With Me?

The TL;DR version is this: I make this work FUN!


I have a unique approach to this work that I care deeply about: I use storytelling and humor as vehicles for learning about and understanding how Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are crucial for the success of our people, businesses and communities.


For nearly a decade I've worked with hundreds of professionals, C-Suite folks, community members, clergy, lay leaders, teens, children, family members and more and I've seen time and time again that using our stories is a foundational way to build the empathy and understanding required to do this work well.


I have a coaching certificate from The Coach Training Program for Helping Professionals and I've completed the 'Managing to Change the World' training by The Management Center. I have more than a decade of experience of facilitation, improv and storytelling and seamlessly infuse fun into the work.

Let's set up a call to discuss how we can work together to create spaces of belonging.

What Clients Say

"Dubbs is the most engaging, open, nimble and enlightening learning partner I have worked with in my career."

Clients Dubbs Has Worked With

SXM Media
New Alternatives
Shake Shack
92Y Camps
Level Forward
KWT Global
Foundation for Jewish Camp
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