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Inclusion Training

Dubbs Weinblatt creates engaging and interactive trainings to arm organizations with the tools they need to make their workplace more inclusive of the LGBTQ community. Dubbs works closely with each organization to create content that meets their specific needs. Dubbs provides consulting on all levels -- from education on inclusive language to implementation of inclusive policy. Dubbs' expert knowledge and use of personal stories brings the material to life and creates meaningful conversation.


Trainings are available in-person or virtually.

Improv Workshops

Dubbs transforms the core principles of improv into a unique workshop that gives participants tools they can use in their every day life. Participants will have fun while they learn skills that will help them build relationships and connect with others.

Bring Thank You For Coming Out to YOU!

Members of the rotating LGBTQ cast of Thank You For Coming Out bring to life the coming out stories from your community using improv. Cast members are available to facilitate an interactive workshop with the audience pre or post show.


Dubbs is passionate about visibility and changing hearts and minds through empathy. Dubbs is known for their openness and vulnerability when sharing their story. They are available to speak on the topics of self-discovery, acceptance, resilience and authenticity.

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