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Nothing's Impossible: A Decade Wrapped

We’re about to close the last decade and enter into the future. 

Can you believe in just a few days it’s going to be 20 freaking 20? Feels impossible. 

You know what else felt impossible in 2010? (in no particular order)....

Me living in New York City. 

Me doing standup comedy and kinda succeeding at it. 

Me getting on a few Improv house teams at a few different theaters around the city. 

Me creating an LGBTQ show that turned into a community, podcast and most importantly, family. 

Me learning, embracing and loving that I am trans. 

Me learning I am not a binary gender and that being OKAY. 

Me having top surgery. 

Me falling in love a few times. 

Me having my heart broken a few times. 

Me breaking a few hearts.

Me having my first real orgasm. 

Me having sex sober. 

Me finding a job that was affirming, challenging and celebratory and that MATTERED. 

Me finding my way back to a healthy relationship with Judaism. 

Me meeting some of my idols and them becoming my friends. 

Me learning the true importance of admitting wrongdoing and trying to be and do better. 

Me making some of the best friends I’ve ever had in NYC. 

Me finding a rent controlled apartment in NYC where I’d live with my best friends, enemies, lovers, improvisers and more. 

Me realizing and accepting that I don’t want to have kids/be a parent and being OKAY with that. 

Me getting back to my ‘wanting to be a teacher and social justice advocate’ roots in a meaningful way. 

Me being an Unkie. 

Me finding FULL LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, and CELEBRATION of myself ESPECIALLY within the Jewish community.

Me seeing my family fully embrace and love ME for ME.

Me singing solos on a stage and in front of people. 

Me writing book.

Me speaking at Princeton.

Me learning, relearning, faltering, getting back up and trying again when it comes to boundaries and consent with myself and others AND knowing this learning will never and should never stop.

Me realizing my struggles with alcohol didn’t just disappear but changed and the mindfulness required when I choose to partake.

Me legally changing my name.

Me learning that I can change my instincts and thought patterns.

Me learning just how important chosen family is.

Me changing my pronouns.

Me finally feeling at home in my own body.

Me finally feeling at home in my self.

Me learning that life isn’t fair.

Me understanding that learning is a life-long process and to approach it with an open heart and an open mind.

What felt impossible to you?


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