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Craft Your Truth

Craft Your Truth

Craft Your Truth encourages LGBTQ young adults to discover the singular, golden thread of their unique story and, with the help of a professional performing artist, spin it into a form of creative expression that can inspire and connect them to the larger fabric of their community. Each of us has a story to tell. Craft Your Truth provides the platform for creating the visibility that is so vital to producing empowered, confident LGBTQ young adults who are ready to discover and share their individual truths.

On Monday, January 15th, Craft Your Truth held a creative workshop for LGBTQ+ homeless youth through New Alternatives. The workshop was hosted at Caveat, thanks to the gracious donation of their space for the day. And with the help of artistic mentors**, they discovered their unique story and voice and shared their individual truths.

That same evening, a special benefit was held at the Magnet Theater where the stories and the lives (and strength) of these youths were shared. The Magnet Theater kindly donated all ticket sales to New Alternatives in support of their mission to increase the self-sufficiency of LGBTQ+ youth.

With the ticket sales and the raffle, Craft Your Truth raised $3112 for New Alternatives!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

**Ari Gold (LGBTQ Jewish pop star), Christopher Sanders, Enrique Menendez, Susanne Sulby, Caroline Rothstein (award-winning writer, poet, and performer), Travis Greisler (Assistant Director of Broadway’s Fully Committed, AD for the Broadway bound The Cher Show), Alex Rubin (award-winning playwright), Aléna Watters (Sister Act, The Addams Family, West Side Story), Lauren Patten (Fun Home, The Wolves, The Big Sick), TJ Mannix (Law and Order: SVU, Blank! The Musical), Ryan Leach, Scott Austin and Kate DeFeo.

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