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Thank You For Coming Out

is a  podcast, improv network, and consultancy that celebrates LGBTQ+ coming out stories.


Craft Your Truth encourages LGBTQ young adults to discover the singular, golden thread of their unique story and, with the help of a professional performing artist, spin it into a form of creative expression that can inspire and connect them to the larger fabric of their community.


Each of us has a story to tell. Craft Your Truth provides the platform for creating the visibility that is so vital to producing empowered, confident LGBTQ young adults who are ready to discover and share their individual truths.

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Our Story

In 2016, Dubbs Weinblatt and Geoffrey Kidwell were having a heart to heart after the shootings at Pulse in Orlando. They asked: How can we add a little more Queer joy and community into the world? After months of daydreaming and planning, Craft Your Truth was created and launched. The first two iterations included a partnership with New Alternatives NYC and the second also with The Ally Coalition. We’ve done two in-person versions and two online all taking different shapes to fit the needs of the group. 

In 2019, Craft Your Truth partnered with actor Sarah Steele (The Good Fight) to put on a fundraiser for New Alternatives that raised over $20K. Some of the performers for that show featured David Hyde Pierce, John Cameron Mitchell, Christine Baranski, Nikki M. James, Ato Blankson-Wood, Kalil Anderson, Legacy, The Playbillies, and more!

Read more about co-founder Geoffrey and how to book Craft Your Truth below.

Meet Geoffrey

Geoffrey Kidwell (he/him) is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. He has performed on Broadway in Waitress and throughout the country. A passionate performer, Geoffrey believes in the power of storytelling - in its ability to foster connection and to promote empathy. You can follow Geoffrey on Instagram at @gkidwell.

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Book Craft Your Truth

We’d love to bring Craft Your Truth to YOU! In an ideal world, Craft Your Truth is done in person. As so many organizations had to pivot during the pandemic, so did Craft Your Truth and we now have modified versions we can do virtually. Reach out to the Craft Your Truth team to learn more and/or book a workshop.

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